Preventive Medicine

Preventive Medicine
At Ultima Medical & Aesthetics, we place a lot of emphasis on Preventive Medicine. We believe that a lot of sickness and disease can be prevented or significantly delayed if we catch it early enough. Because a large number of life threatening diseases – such as heart attacks, cancer and stroke – do not have very obvious symptoms, we encourage regular screening for individuals so that we can anticipate and appropriately prepare for serious health conditions.

Our services include screening for cancers of breast, cervix, prostate and colon, which claim the lives of hundreds every year. We also provide screening for and management of depression, hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes and osteoporosis. Early detection of these conditions contributes to making sure we have an appropriate medical plan of action in place for our patients.

Ultima Medical& Aesthetics works with specialists in various areas to provide any further specialized care that might be required. Our involvement in your well-being goes beyond diagnosis and medications. Ultima will walk beside you on your path to better health, offering you support as you make important life style changes.

The journey to a healthier you, starts with knowing what kind of diseases your body is prone to and how you can prevent them.

Request an appointment online or call (240) 686-1222. We will do our best to accommodate you.

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