Patient Instructions

patient instructions

Prior to treatment:
Do not pluck, wax, use a depilatory or undergo electrolysis in the areas you wish to have treated for 6 weeks prior to laser hair removal.

Avoid irritants such as products containing glycolic acid or Retin-A in the area for 5-7 days.

Avoid tanning for 1-2 months or using self-tanning products for 2 weeks prior to treatment.

Shave the desired treatment area the night before laser treatment.

After Treatment:
Some redness and swelling in the area is normal after treatment and may feel similar to sunburn. This should resolve within several hours to several days after treatment.

Cover the treated area with a sunscreen of SPF15 or higher and avoid sun exposure to the treated area for 4 to 6 weeks.

Gently clean area with soap and water twice daily.

Avoid irritants (glycolics, retinoids etc.) for seven days after treatment.

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