Lipo Photos

lipo photos

Patient 1 – Flanks

Before After
fat around the love handles no fat around the love handles

Patient 1 – Abdomen

Before After
big belly smaller belly

Patient 2 – Abdomen

Before After
fat areas around the stomach little fat around the stomach

Patient 3 – Arms

Before After
fat hanging from the upper arms little fat hanging off the upper arms

Patient 3 – Back

Before After
fat hanging off of back no fat hanging from back

Patient 3 – Legs

Before After
big thighs thinner thighs

Patient 4 – Abdomen

Before After
slight fat around the belly less fat around the belly

Patient 5 – Neck

Before After
extra skin from the neck tighter looking skin on the neck

Patient 6 – Abdomen

Before After
large area around the belly thinner looking belly

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